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Contacting NERC

Our offices in Swindon are sited alongside four other research councils and provide the bulk of our corporate administrative functions.

Address and telephone numbers

Natural Environment Research Council
Polaris House, North Star Avenue
Swindon, SN2 1EU

Travel directions

Tel: 01793 411500
Fax: 01793 411501

General and science-related queries

Direct points of contact are listed for many sections of this site:

Contacts for research (such as directed programmes) are listed within each section of 'Our Research' pages. You may find our search page the fastest way to do this, adding the word "contact" to your search phrase.

If the query relates to a NERC research centre or facility, you should address your query directly to that organisation. Please refer to the listing of research centres and facilities for contact details.

Website problems and comments

If your query is about how this site is designed or structured, or problems such as browser compatibility or broken links, please use our feedback form to contact the people who maintain this site.

Please do not use the "webmaster" mail account as messages to this account are checked infrequently.

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