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Australia, Alice Springs, British Honorary Consul

  • Honorary Consul:

  • Mr Peter Saville


PO Box 4734
Alice Springs
Northern Territory 8071


(+61) (0) 4 3884 7007


(+61) (0) 8 8953 4537

No visa and passport matters are handled at this office

All visa matters are handled by the Visa section in Canberra, and all passport matters are handled by the Regional Passport Processing Centre in Wellington. Our other offices are unable to respond to visa and passport enquiries.


Our Locations

map of Australia Adelaide Alice Springs Brisbane Cairns Canberra Darwin Hobart Melbourne Perth Sydney

Emergency contact

Contact our Brisbane office in an emergency.


Visa & passport queries

Contact our Canberra office for all visa matters, and our Wellington office for all passport matters:


Trade & investment

Contact our Perth office for all trade & investment matters.