Attorney General's guidelines

One of the roles of the Attorney General is to offer guidance on various aspects of the law touching on prosecutions. The guidance is not binding and does not have the effect of law but is nevertheless expected to be followed by prosecutors. Recent examples of guidance are on the disclosure of material, plea bargains and on the acceptance of pleas.

Guidance to prosecutors on asset recovery (2009)

Background note on guidance to prosecutors on asset recovery (2009)

Code of Practice Issued Under Section 377A of the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002

Prosecutors Convention 2009

Plea discussions in cases of serious or complex fraud

Witness Anonymity Orders

Acceptance of Pleas

Acceptance of pleas and the prosecutor's role in sentencing (revised 2009)

Conspiracy to Defraud

Disclosure (updated April 2005)

Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act in Northern Ireland

Intercept, Section 18 RIPA, England And Wales

Points for Prosecutors