Tools and resources

Tools and resources

A comprehensive range of online utilities and features

As part of our commitment to providing access to our services, we offer a range of online features. These include tools that help you to make a complaint, request an ICO publication, receive e-newsletters or browse our library of documents.


Decision notices

The Information Commissioner's final view on whether a public authority has complied with the Freedom of Information Act or the Environmental Information Regulations.


Would you like to test your knowledge on the issues that the ICO covers?

Document library

Our library contains guidance, legislation, brochures, leaflets, factsheets, reports, training material, accounts, committee minutes and more - all the documents you'll need to keep informed and up to date.

ICO's publication scheme compliance

The ICO routinely publishes information about us, our spending, our priorities, our decisions, our policies and procedures, information in lists and registers, and about our services.

Request publications

Use this page to order free briefing notes, training materials, CDs, DVDs and the full range of our publications about data protection and freedom of information.

Glossary of terms

Not sure what some of our words and terms mean? We don’t want to confuse you or leave you in the dark. The glossary's here to help.

Links and resources

We link to a huge number of external sites that provide additional specialist information about data protection, freedom of information and related subjects.

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