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What's new?

What's new: just published resources

Contracts Finder is a free new service for businesses, central government buyers and the public

New Contracts Finder service available

Find public sector procurement tender and contract documents

From 6 April 2011, you can use the new web incorporation service - a Companies House service

Incorporate online with Companies House

Use this simple, new service to incorporate a private limited company online

What's new: advice and support

Recent rainfall has been so low and temperatures so high that drought has been declared in some areas of England

Drought measures

Find out about the current water status in your region

The Queen's Diamond Jubilee in 2012 and the impact on businesses.

Queen's Diamond Jubilee

Considerations for your business during the June 2012 celebrations

What's new: regulations and your business

From 26 May 2011, the Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations, covering electronic marketing such as emails, faxes and text messages, will change.

New rules on electronic marketing and cookies come into force

Website owners have one year to comply

HMRC are changing the way they deal with people who don????t send their tax returns on time or who pay their tax late

New Self Assessment penalties for late filing and late payment

Find out if the new rules may apply to you

What's new: latest government campaigns & announcements

Government launches single government website alphagov

Single government website alphagov launched

Access to online public services is being improved

The government has published the findings of its Review of Waste Policies

Waste Review published

Find out how the government's recent Waste Review could affect your business

What's new: in the workplace

The government is reviewing employment laws and regulations and is seeking to cut as much red tape as possible.

Cutting employment red tape

Government commits to further employment law review

Businesses are now invited to comment, by 2 September, on the detail of some of the proposed changes, and also on some new proposals to do with the R&D tax credits scheme

Have your say on R&D Tax credits

Government launches further R&D Tax Credits consultation

What's new: developing your business

Identify new online marketing opportunities for your business

Online marketing - a cost-effective approach

Find out how online marketing can help you reach customers in a cost-effective way

Ensure that you have the right business processes in place

Managing IT risks in your business

Ensure that you have the right business processes in place


How will the Budget affect your business?

Budget 2011

How the Budget will affect your business


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On June 23 2011, some of the most influential thinkers in business and design will gather at the 2011 Design Summit: Design for Growth to debate how design can help stimulate sustained growth and recovery in the UK economy

2011 Design Summit: Design for Growth

Find out how design can help stimulate growth and recovery in the UK economy

Truck stops finder

New Truck stops finder available

Use the Highways Agency service to view details of more than 90 truck stops in England