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Managing suppliers and payments

Manage your suppliers

How to get the most from your suppliers

Invoicing and payment terms

How to devise payment terms and an invoicing system to maintain a healthy cashflow

Getting paid when selling overseas

Guidance on reducing risks associated with receiving payments from selling goods or services internationally

Getting paid on time

How to ensure that business customers pay their bills on time and why you should pay your bills on time

Factoring and invoice discounting: the basics

Improve your cashflow by selling your debt to a third party and getting cash up front before invoices are paid

Managing late payment

Actions you can take if a payment you are due is late




Finance and grants


Finance options


Prepare to raise finance


Financial planning and accounts


Manage your cashflow


Improve your cashflow and business performance


Managing a business when economic conditions are tough

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Managing suppliers and payments


Debt recovery


Business banking




Expert financial advice


Introduction to insolvency


Insolvency information for limited companies


Insolvency information for partnerships


Insolvency information for sole traders and individuals


Complain against an insolvency practitioner or The Insolvency Service


How to complain against a company or limited liability partnership


Recover assets