Consultation on proposals to implement Articles 7a to 7e of the EU Fuel Quality Directive (FQD) (Directive 98/70/EC as amended by 2009/30/EC) requiring suppliers to reduce the lifecycle greenshouse gas intensity of transport fuels and introducing sustainability criteria for biofuels

Department for Transport
Formal consultation
Published date:
10 March 2011 
Closing date:
31 May 2011 
Roads, Sustainable travel


This Consultation seeks views on the Government’s proposals to introduce new regulations transposing the greenhouse gas intensity reduction requirements of European Directive 2009/30/EC (which amends Directive 98/70/EC, commonly known as the Fuel Quality Directive).

For the Impact Assessment associated with the consultation paper please open up the embedded excel spreadsheet and print that separately if you need a printed version of the information produced for the table headed Annual Profile of monetised costs and benefits in the section headed Evidence Base (for summary sheets).

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