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Road network

This section contains reference points and information regarding the improvement, development, maintenance and operation of the road network in England.

This network is made up of the strategic road network (see plan - that includes most motorways and some major “A” classified roads, which is the responsibility of the Secretary of State for Transport as highway authority, and managed by the Highways Agency (an Executive Agency of the Department for Transport); and the local road network - that includes the remaining “A” classified roads, not part of the strategic road network, (sometimes referred to as the primary network) and all other local roads; these are the responsibility of the local or regional highway authority in whose area the road falls. 

This section is categorised, accordingly, with each section containing appropriate sub-divisions such as maintenance and streetworks. Best Value Performance Indicators are available in the Service levels sub-directory of Local Roads for example.

The Roads Policy sub-division contains general documents of relevance to all road management.

The section below contains overarching policy and strategy documents related to the management of the road network in England. Includes “Managing our Roads”, the Department’s road strategy publication, and the Department’s booklet “Public local inquiries into road proposals” on the procedures for inquiries held into road proposals. This should help you if you are thinking of giving your views or being represented at an inquiry about road proposals.

The section below contains information related to the maintenance, improvement and operation of the strategic road network. The strategic road network comprises most motorways and some “A” classified roads. See plan of the strategic road network (also know as the trunk road network) on the Highways Agency website (

The section below contains information related to the management and improvement of local public roads by local highway authorities (typically the County or Metropolitan Council). Includes a few motorways, all other “A” classified roads not forming part of the strategic road network, and all other public roads including “B” and “C” classified roads.