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Consultation for all road users, businesses, and local authorities on rules and regulations they would like scrapped or simplified

Key transport legislation relevant to local authorities

Local Transport Act 2008

The Government is committed to ensuring that local transport authorities are well equipped to meet not only today’s transport challenges, but also those of the future. The Local Transport Act is a key part of the Government’s strategy to meet this commitment, empowering local authorities to take appropriate steps to meet local transport needs in the light of local circumstances.

Traffic Management Act 2004

The Traffic Management Act was introduced in 2004 to tackle congestion and disruption on the road network. The Act places a duty on local transport authorities to ensure the expeditious movement of traffic on their road network and those of surrounding authorities. The Act also provides authorities with additional tools to better manage parking policies, moving traffic enforcement and the coordination of street works.

Transport Act 2000

The Transport Act 2000 made a number of reforms to local transport planning and delivery, including the requirement on all local transport authorities in England outside of London to produce a Local Transport Plan, and new powers for local authorities to enter into Quality Partnerships with bus operators and to introduce Road User Charging Schemes and Workplace Parking Levies.