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The Department’s evaluation team is part of Social Research and Evaluation division, based within the Transport Analysis and Economics Directorate. We work across a wide range of strategic and cross-cutting policy areas. Our main responsibility is to develop and implement the Department’s evaluation strategy.

We undertake transport evaluations and review current evidence

The evaluation team at DfT manages key and cross cutting evaluations of strategically important transport policies. Our evaluations cover both the impacts and processes of transport; to understand how different transport initiatives achieve outcomes. The team also commissions evidence based reviews to ensure existing evidence is used in transport policy making.

We work with policy and analytical colleagues to ensure that lessons learned from transport evaluations are used in policy making and transport appraisal processes,

We produce evaluation guidance

We also provide evaluation advice to Departmental colleagues and Local Authorities designing and delivering schemes. We ourselves design evaluations for particularly innovative or complex transport programmes which pose particular challenges. Examples include guidance for the evaluation of road pricing schemes, and schemes that make better use of our existing transport capacity.

We develop innovative evaluation methods

We work in conjunction with outside evaluation experts to improve transport evaluation methodologies - ensuring best practice in policy evaluation, and understanding how best to use evaluation evidence in appraisal methods and policy delivery.

We communicate transport evaluation

Transport evaluation has many stakeholders, including DfT, local authorities, evaluators, transport engineers and planners, and the wider public. The evaluation team communicates and disseminates the current best practice in transport evaluation, the department’s evaluation requirements, and the latest evidence from transport evaluation; all of which can be found on the DfT evaluation website.

Evaluation guidance and frameworks

The Department has written guidance to help local authorities and evaluators evaluate transport schemes. Some transport programmes or schemes, for a variety of reasons, have alternative or more detailed evaluation requirements, or both.

Evaluation reports

Findings from evaluations commissioned and managed by the Department’s evaluation team

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