Red Tape Challenge

Road transport theme

Department for Transport
Cross-government consultation
Published date:
23 May 2011 
Closing date:
17 June 2011 
Roads, Legislation, Road management


We are calling on all road users, businesses, and local authorities to tell us about the regulations you would like scrapped or simplified.

Respond to the consultation

All road transport regulations have been placed on the Red Tape Challenge website — a Government-wide website aimed at reducing bureaucracy — for four weeks and we are inviting the public and businesses to tell us what’s working and what’s not, what can be simplified and what can be scrapped.

Based on your feedback we will start getting rid of unnecessary red tape.

Reducing the number of rules and regulations in our national life is absolutely central to the coalition’s vision for Britain, removing barriers to economic growth and increasing individual freedoms.

Every few weeks the Government is publishing the regulations affecting one specific sector or industry, on the Red Tape Challenge website.

Road Transport will be featured until 17 June 2011.