Public consultation 2008


In June 2008 DfT and DoE NI launched a public consultation inviting industry and interested individuals to comment on the proposed Road Vehicles (Approval) Regulations, including proposals for national approval schemes, technical requirements and inspection fee levels. Details of the proposals consulted on can be found on the National Archives website .


Overall there was strong support to the general principles embodied in our implementation of ECWVTA, including the proposals for UK-wide national approval schemes and trailer entry into service schemes. A number of issues were raised, the majority of which related to bus construction and interior dimensions, school buses and wheelchair accessible vehicles.

Following a review of the responses and close liason with industry associations and stakeholders we have made a number of changes, primarily in the following areas:

  • Bus and minibus construction and interior fittings
  • For cars designed to carry wheelchairs, changes were made with the aim of minimising the costs of compliance whilst maintaining or improving the level of safety enjoyed by occupants of such vehicles
  • A number of minor changes were made to reduce the administrative burden and the costs of approval
  • School buses will now be known as buses of ‘Class IIIS’ rather than ‘School buses’ to avoid misinterpretation, since school children can still be carried in any bus.

A copy of the full report can be downloaded from the National Archives website.