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DSA policy, guidance and research

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Customer satisfaction
The Driving Standards Agency (DSA) carries out a series of annual satisfaction surveys aimed at different customer groups. The aim of these surveys is to measure our customers’ satisfaction with different aspects of their contact with DSA.

DSA core driving standards
DSA’s National Driving (Category B) and National Riding Standards (Category A/P) set out the knowledge, skills and understanding that we believe are required to be a safe and responsible driver or rider. 

Information assurance policies
Download key DSA policies, covering areas such as data protection, management of information risk and information security.

Internal guidance for examiners
Download documents containing the internal operational guidance for driving examiners in the conduct of driving tests, and copies of the forms that driving examiners use.

Rehabilitation scheme for drink drive offenders
The procedure for courts to refer drink drive offenders to approved training courses is specified in sections 34A to 34C of the Road Traffic Offenders Act 1988. This guidance identifies good practice for course organisers in the provision of courses and sets out the minimum requirements for course content and delivery which must be met. It also seeks to promote consistent administrative procedures in the operation of the scheme by courts in England, Wales and Scotland.

From time to time DSA publishes the outcome of research used to develop our services and new initiatives.