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Photograph of children's ward at Ashton under Lyne District Hospital, 1911 (Catalogue reference: COPY 1/555/f126)

This is a brief guide to help you find records of a hospital. Ministry of Health records held at The National Archives are wide-ranging, although not all records survive. Many records of individual hospitals are held in local archives.

  • What records can I see online?

    • There are no hospital records available to see online.

  • What records can I find in other archives and organisations?

  • What other resources will help me find information?

    • Websites

      Browse The Long, Long Trail website for information about military hospitals.

      The London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine Voluntary Hospitals Database gives access to statistical data on beds, patients, income and expenditure from voluntary hospitals in Britain and Ireland between the 1890s and 1940s.

Did you know?

The Ministry of Health was created in 1919.

Before the National Health Service was established, provision of healthcare was fragmented with no central control, and voluntary hospitals were charitable institutions.

The National Health Service was established in 1948.

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