When is the caste report being published?

The Government-commissioned research into the prevalence of caste prejudice and discrimination undertaken by the National Institute of Economic and Social Research (NIESR) was published in December 2010 and can be found here. A summary of the report is available here.

What are Ministers going to do in response to the NIESR caste report?

Ministers are considering the findings of the report carefully and will comment on it in due course.

Why are you not taking forward the protection for caste discrimination?

The Government has not yet taken a decision on whether or not to provide explicit legal protection for caste discrimination.   Ministers are currently considering the findings and implications of the report by the National Institute for Economic and Social Research (NIESR) and are committed to ensuring that the decision they make will be the most effective and proportionate method of dealing with any caste-based prejudice and discrimination in our society.

Can people still be able to present their views on caste discrimination in the UK?

Certainly.  We will continue to respond to any letters or representations relating to caste. 

The Government’s Red Tape Challenge (RTC) is an initiative which aims to tackle the burden of excessive regulatory red tape and gives people the chance to tell Government which regulations they believe are working and which are not, what should be scrapped, what should be saved and what should be simplified.

This is a further opportunity for those interested in caste related matters to express their opinions.  The RTC is currently underway and will run for some time.  There is a three-week spotlight on equalities commencing 9th June 2011.   People will be able to express their views on provisions that have already come into force and those that are yet to commence, such as the caste power.  See