Press Notices

15 October 2007:
DPTAC welcomes TfL's free travel on Dial-a-Ride

DPTAC welcomes yesterday's announcement by the Mayor of London, Ken Livingstone, that from January 1 2008 older and disabled passengers will no longer have to pay for the Dial-a-Ride service in London.

Transport for London has recognised that even in London, with its frequent and accessible bus services, for many disabled passengers using conventional public transport is not a realistic option.

From April next year bus travel throughout England will be free to disabled and older passengers. This is a positive step but, as the Mayor's announcement demonstrates, a lot of people will be unable to take advantage of the scheme.

In small towns and rural areas with their infrequent bus services, which are often inaccessible, travelling by bus is even more unrealistic for disabled passengers. DPTAC hopes the Department for Transport follows London's example by extending the statutory concessionary fare scheme to other modes of public transport including DAR and Community Transport.

Notes to editors

1. The Disabled Persons Transport Advisory Committee (DPTAC) was set up under the Transport Act of 1985 to advise Government on the transport needs of all disabled people. It has a maximum of 20 members (of whom at least half must be disabled people), representing a wide range of transport interests. Members are appointed by Ministers and are unpaid, apart from the reimbursement of expenses.

2. For further information, contact Jimi Adeleye at DPTAC Secretariat on 020 7944 3529, fax 020 7944 6998 or email