About DPTAC: Who We Are and What We Do

DPTAC has published a leaflet, "Who We Are and What We Do", containing a summary of the aim, role, and objectives of the Committee. Hard copies of this leaflet can be obtained by contacting the DPTAC Secretariat. A summary of the information is below:

Who we are

The Disabled Persons Transport Advisory Committee (DPTAC) is an independent body established by the Transport Act 1985 to advise Government on the transport needs of disabled people.

Our aim

DPTAC's aim is that disabled people should have the same access to transport as everybody else. We want this to happen by 2020.

Our members

There are 12 members of DPTAC representing a wide cross-section of disabled people with experience of key transport and pan-disability issues.

The DPTAC Secretariat is based within the Department for Transport.

Our role

Our role is to advise Government and industry by presenting a pan-disability view on the impacts of transport legislation, regulation, guidance and policy.

DPTAC has a statutory duty to consider any matter referred to it by Transport Ministers, but it also gives advice on any other issue relevant to the transport needs of disabled people.

What we do - a summary of our strategic objectives

  • To provide timely, focused and credible advice to the Secretary of State for Transport on public and private transport needs of all disabled people.
  • To provide guidance and information to private sector organisations on how best to meet the varying transport needs of all disabled people.
  • To work to ensure public and private sector organisations that provide, plan for and regulate transport facilities inform disabled people of the developments that they make in accessible transport.

What We Do Not Do

  • We can not make or enforce law: It is Government and the regulatory authorities that enforce the law. The Equality and Human Rights Commission can assist individual disabled people to enforce disability discrimination legislation.
  • We have no executive powers: It is the DfT, regulatory authorities, industry, local authorities, regional agencies and devolved bodies, such as the Scottish Executive, the Welsh Assembly and the Mayor of London who have specific responsibilities for transport.
  • We are not a campaigning organisation: Our role is to give Government timely and credible advice which takes account of the broad views of all disabled people.