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M62 - Your Local History

A lot of finds were uncovered during the archaeological evaluation carried out for the M62 Junction 6 Improvement scheme so we thought it would be nice to provide an interactive website so you can see what we found.


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The National Traffic Control Centre collects real-time information on road conditions

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Don't Cross or Walk Along Motorways

The Highways Agency aims to make more people aware of the dangers of walking or crossing our motorway. We have launched a poster and radio campaign aimed at 16-25yr olds. Hopefully with our hard hitting posters, our message will come across.

Meet the Ancestors

Find out about the history of roads and the work the Agency does to preserve archaeological remains.

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Van Mourik Broekmanweg 6
PO Box 49
2600 AA Delft
The Netherlands

TNO is a leading contract research organization with expertise in many areas. TNO was set up by the Dutch Government in 1930 to support companies and governments with innovative, practicable knowledge. As a statutory organisation TNO has an independent position that allows it to give objective, scientifically founded judgements.
In road transportation

TNO combines expertise in vehicle engineering, broad experience of ICT applications, knowledge of driver behaviour and the traffic network all within a social context where quality of life and pressure for space are key issues. Some 400 TNO professionals are at hand to provide the right kind of advice and deliver integrated advice that brings together elements of policy, behaviour and technology.

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