Friday, June 3, 2011


We are recruiting Stabilisation Advisors who can work with appropriate individuals and elements  of civil society, international and local security structures, international organisations and predominately  UK  officials, to harness, coordinate and  where appropriate to direct resources in order to support the design, assessment, planning and delivery of an integrated stabilisation plan in order to establish political settlements which support of HMG’s wider stabilisation objectives.

Key roles in the stabilisation functional area include:-

  • Stabilisation Field Team Advisor- Likely to be placed in a Forward Operating base, developing and implementing stabilisation programmes – usually - but not exclusively, alongside the military in hostile, conflict affected environments.  Responsible for establishing and maintaining constructive working relationship with broad range of local stakeholders. Ability to ensure that activities contribute to immediate stabilisation outcomes, and prepare for longer term development.
  • Senior Stabilisation Advisor - An experienced Stabilisation Advisor with broad knowledge and experience of designing and managing stabilisation programmes.  Requires a good understanding of the principles of stabilisation and familiarity with a broad of range of assessment, planning and review methodologies. Ability to source specialist expertise as and when required to deploy such expertise in hostile and conflict affected environments.  Capable of managing and supporting a number of Stabilisation Field Team Advisors.   Ability to establish constructive relationships with a wide range of potential stakeholders and maintain consensus in difficult circumstances.
  • Senior Field Team Leader - An ability to lead, manage and coordinate a Stabilisation Team or a UK Integrated Civilian/Military Mission (ICMM) to deliver the stabilisation strategy as part of HMG policy.  Requires a broad range of skills to formulate policy at the operational level, have the international, professional experience and proven ability in the diagnosis of needs and priorities, strategy, policy definition, coordination and oversight of delivery and impact in key areas of stabilisation activity.  

 What happens next?

Your application will be reviewed by one of our Function Managers, who will be an expert in the functional area you are applying for. If your application matches the skills and experience required by the Unit, you will be called in for an interview. This process could take up to six months, although we will endeavour to process applications as quickly as possible.

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