To assist the industry with notifying an accident or incident, the RAIB has published guidance notes describing the notification process, as well as providing comprehensive descriptions of what constitutes a notifiable accident.


Guidance on the Railways (Accident Investigation and Reporting) Regulations 2005

Guidance for the use of the Regulations

The full Guidance document can be viewed by clicking on this link (PDF 440kb).

Extract from the Guidance: Regulation 4 - Duty to notify the RAIB of accidents and incidents

Extract from the Guidance

An extract from the Guidance document, which details the Industry's duty to notify, can be found by clicking this link  (PDF 150 kb).

A quick guide to notifying accidents and incidents on UK railways

RAIBN3 Quick Guide

This easy-to-use guide has been designed to help the industry when notifying the RAIB of an accident or incident. It has been designed to be printed in colour on an A3-sized sheet, but will reduce to A4 (PDF 84kb).