RFA publishes annual stakeholder survey


Organisations and individuals who encounter the Agency in their professional lives were asked to take part via direct emails, coverage in our monthly newsletter and website alerts.

The survey was conducted online during October and November, with stakeholders given a two-month window to respond.

It covered a wide variety of issues, from perceptions of how well we are administering the Renewable Transport Fuels Obligation (RTFO) and reporting on the performance of fuel suppliers to how easy our systems are to use for those companies that use them and the standard of our research and publications.

This year, we expanded the section of the survey looking at the quality of our website to bring us in line with Government guidance and the results for that part of the survey are published elsewhere.

Overall, the survey can be seen as a vote of confidence in the RFA and an affirmation that it is seen as a well-run, effective organisation.

While there are some who say they are not happy with the level of service they have received, these stakeholders are in a minority.

89% of respondents said the RFA was an effective administrator of the RTFO, with 84% saying they were satisfied with the quality of our reporting.

82% said they were satisfied with the quality of advice they had received from the RFA and 94% said they would be likely to recommend the RFA website to others.

The greatest areas of concerns among stakeholders were the complexities of using our operating system for suppliers, ROS, and the content of our monthly newsletter, the Renewable Fuels Digest, where views were polarised.

52% said they strongly agreed that the Digest was an enjoyable read, with 17% strongly disagreeing with the same statement.

Full results can be found here.

RFA Stakeholder Survey 2010115.78 KB