A chance to make your views known


We like to know what our stakeholders think about us, good or bad, and are inviting anyone with an interest in the Agency and its work to make their views known via our annual survey.

The survey can be found online by following this link and covers the whole gamut of our work.

We’d value input from all stakeholders, whatever their interest in the RFA, whether they represent obligated suppliers or NGOs, academia or the business world, from the corporate giants to the sole traders processing small quantities of used cooking oil.

The survey gives those who take part an opportunity to rate a range of our activities including our administration of the RTFO, carbon & sustainability reporting, research programme, the RFA operating system (ROS) and how we run our workshops and meetings.

It also provides an opportunity to comment on our extensively-updated website and re-launched newsletter, the Renewable Fuels Digest.

The survey is anonymous – all we ask is that you tell us what kind of organisation you represent - allowing respondents to be gushing in their praise or give us both barrels, secure in the knowledge that we will take their comments on board but they will not affect our working relationship.

Highlights of the results will be included in the Agency’s Annual Report which will be published in January while a full analysis will inform our future communications strategy and business plan.