Rail Property

BRB (Residuary) Ltd is responsible for management and disposal of its remaining land and buildings, which are surplus to the needs of the operational railway.

Land is only disposed of when it has been agreed with the Department for Transport that there is no need for it to be retained for future railway purposes. However, in some cases, land is sold to other railway companies or to local councils in order that it can be put to a new transport use. The Department for Transport issued Guidance to BRB (Residuary) Limited on land disposal in October 2005 and Further Guidance in July 2007.

All of the company's property is listed on the website, but that does not indicate that it is for sale. Only sites shown on the listings as 'For Sale' are currently released for disposal. Other sites are being appraised by the Property Review Group or are reserved for future railway projects, such as Crossrail.

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