BRB (Residuary) Limited owns the former Eurostar terminal at Waterloo International, acting on behalf of the Secretary of State for Transport.

The company is directed by the Department for Transport to keep the facility safe and secure. The Department expects BRBR to co-operate with proposals for the future use and development of Waterloo station and, where necessary and appropriate, to facilitate their efficient execution.

The High Level Output Specification, agreed between Network Rail and the Department for Transport for the period up to March 2014, specifies that Waterloo International is to be returned to rail use as part of a wider project to introduce ten-coach suburban trains on the South Western suburban lines. BRBR is working with the Department and Network Rail to bring this about.

Waterloo International was designed as a secure facility, like an airport, dealing with a relatively limited number of trains. It requires significant adaptation to make it suitable for domestic use. Work that is necessary includes making it possible for passengers to move on and off the platforms at the same time. Convenient links need to be made to the main concourse of Waterloo station, the Underground station, surrounding streets and bus services.

It is clear that the accommodation under the platforms at Waterloo International is far in excess of what is required for further railway use. The London Borough of Lambeth, working with BRBR and Network Rail, has prepared a Statement of Planning Principles which sets out how the surplus space might be used. This is an advisory document.

A copy of the Statement of Planning Principles is here

Plans which illustrate how the lower levels of the station might be laid out are here. These do not necessarily show the final proposal, but indicate how space might be allocated and how passenger circulation could be arranged.

A brief description of how the passenger circulation would work is here.