Freedom of Information Act

The Freedom of Information Act 2000 ("FOIA"), which was implemented on 1 January 2005, placed a number of requirements on all public authorities, including BRB (Residuary) Limited.

Under the FOIA, any member of the public (individual, company, organisation or other legal entity) may request information from this Company with:

  • a right to be told whether the information requested is held by the Company; and
  • a right to receive that information within 20 working days, unless disclosure is exempt under the provisions of the Act.

Additionally, under the FOIA, the Information Commissioner's Office require the Company to adopt a Model Publication Scheme and to provide a Publication Scheme Guide to Information.

BRB (Residuary) Limited has adopted the Model Publication Scheme which is available on the Information Commissioner's Office web site.

The Company has also produced a Publication Scheme Guide to Information which is available on this web site.

General enquiries to this Company should be made via the Contact Us section of this web site.

Requests for information specifically under the FOIA, or under the related Environmental Information Regulations 2004, should be sent to:

Peter Trewin
Director, Legal and Secretariat
BRB (Residuary) Ltd
4th Floor
One Kemble Street
London WC2B 4AN

Telephone: 020 7904 5027