Investigation Reports


Vessel name

Vessel type

Accident type

Accident date

Maersk Kendal
(No 2/2010)
Container vessel Grounding on Monggok Sebarok reef in the Singapore Strait 16/09/09
Maggie Ann
Fishing vessel Fatality due to manoverboard 12/02/09
Majestic Fishing vessel Capsize and sinking of a fishing vessel west of the Shetland Islands, with the loss of five lives 13/06/89
Maersk Doha
Container Vessel Machinery breakdown and subsequent fire onboard Maersk Doha in Chesapeake Bay, off Norfolk, Virginia, USA 02/10/06
Maersk Dover/Appollonia/
Maersk Vancouver
Ro-ro passenger ferry/
Container vessel
Close-quarters situation between Maersk Dover, Apollonia and Maersk Vancouver in the Dover Strait 17/10/06
Maersk Kithira
(No 9/2009)
Container ship Fatal injury to crew member and serious injury to second crew member in heavy weather 23/09/08
Maersk Newport
(No 13/2009)
Container ship Investigations of heavy weather damage 50 miles west of Guernsey and a fire alongside in Algeciras, Spain. 10/11/08 & 15/11/08
Marchioness Passenger launch Collision between the passenger launch Marchioness and mv Bowbelle on the River Thames 20/08/89
Margaretha Maria Fishing Vessel Sinking of fishing vessel with the loss of four lives 11th to 17th November 1997
Margaret and William II Fishing vessel Loss of fishing vessel in the Western Approaches with the loss of two lives 04/09/91
Maria H
(No 8/2003)
General cargo Report on the investigation of Maria H striking the Keadby railway bridge 29/05/02
Marbella/Bravo Delta offshore platform
(No 11/2003)
Fishing vessel Collision between UK registered fishing vessel and offshore platform in the Rough Gas Field about 25 miles south-east of Flamborough Head 08/05/02
Marine Explorer
Lifeboat Failure of lifeboat winch brake on Marine Explorer in Harwich,with two injured 14/03/01
Mariama k
Steel Fishing vessel Carbon monoxide poisoning on vessel in Douarnenez, France, resulting in one fatality 10/06/00
Mathilda and Lady Hamilton of Helford
Lifeboat Near-miss incident between Mathilda and Lady Hamilton of Helford, 7 miles east-south-east of Lizard Point, Cornwall 28/06/01
Meridian KY147
Fishing Vessel Loss of fishing vessel and subsequent loss of four crew, 160nm due east of Aberdeen 26/10/06
Mobil Petrel Oil tanker Over-pressurisation of a cargo tank on an oil tanker at Fawley Oil Terminal 07/11/89
(No 5/2009)
Ro-ro cargo ship The electrical blackout and subsequent grounding of Moondance in Warrenpoint Harbour, Northern Ireland 29/06/08
(No 9/2006)
Sailing Dinghy Capsize of the sailing dinghy with two fatalities off Puffin Island, North Wales 02/07/05
MSC Napoli
(No 9/2008)
Container vessel Structural failure of UK flagged Container vessel MSC Napoli, in the English Channel on 18 January 2007. 18/01/07
Multi-tank Ascania Chemical Tanker Fire on board vessel in the Pentland Firth 19/03/99