Cadet Training

For nearly 500 years Trinity House has served the mariner.

The UK needs trained mariners, not only to serve at sea in our merchant ships but to be pilots, harbourmasters and to fill the many other mariner based posts within and around the periphery of the marine industry such as surveyors, insurers, lecturers and lawyers.

To be a mariner is a most satisfying and worthwhile occupation for any young person who wants to learn to stand on his or her own feet, to experience early responsibility, to meet and get along with other nationalities, to see the world and to be well paid for doing so.

There are excellent career opportunities for young people of the right type who can meet the minimum academic requirements and have a practical and enthusiastic approach to life. Trinity House invites you to embark on a sea going career, safe in the knowledge that you have the backing of a most prestigious organisation dedicated to encouraging you to achieve your ultimate goal in the marine industry, whether that be in command of a ship, in charge of an engine room or ashore in a job where such skills are always in demand.

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