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This is the glossary pages of Valuing People Now. It tells you what difficult words on this website mean.

The words are in alphabetical order for your ease of reference.



Inpatient Assessment and Treatment services

Annual health Check

People with Learning Disabilities can have a special meeting with their Doctor or nurse to check all parts of their health. This can help people stay safe and healthy


Autism Spectrum Conditions. This is the term used for a range of conditions linked to Autism, including Asperger Syndrome, ADHD, etc.


Body Mass index. This is a useful way of working out a healthy body weight, based on how tall a person is


Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services

Clinical Network or Managed Clinical Network

is a network of a variety of health staff and organisations working together to make sure that everyone can gain access to good quality clinical services in their area


Commission for Social Care Inspection. From 2009 all the different bodies that check on health and social Care services are joining together to become one organisation that checks all services. It will be called the Care Quality Commission

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the associaton of business administration


Department for Children, Schools and Families. This is the government department with responsibility for Children's services, Families, schools, 14-19 education


Disability Equality Duty. This means that people who work in the public sector - like health or social services - have to consider the impact of their work on disabled people, and to make sure people with disabilities are not placed at a disadvantage when using their services. This should mean that disabled people have good access to health services, education, housing, jobs, etc. It should also help promote positive attitudes towards disabled people in everyday life. Since 4 December 2006, public authorities including Trusts, PCTs and SHAs (Strategic Health Authorities) etc have had to publish a 'Disability Equality Scheme' saying how they make sure this happens.


Directed Enhanced Services are special services or activities provided by GP Practices that have been negotiated nationally. A DES specifically for people with learning disabilities came into force from April 2008 and GP's will be deciding at the moment if they are going to provide the special services contained in that DES


Department of Health


medical term for the symptom of difficulty in swallowing

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Health Action Plan. This is a guide to a person's health. It is made by the person with a learning disability and the people who know him/her best. It can be used to tell doctors and hospitals about the person's health and the best ways to support them to get the right treatment and health care


Healthcare Commission


Independent Mental Capacity Advocates. This refers to a new type of official advocacy role introduced and required by the Mental Capacity 2005. The Act gives some people who lack capacity the right to receive support from an IMCA. Local Authorities are in charge of commissioning IMCA services for their area. IMCA services are provided by organisations that are independent from the NHS and Local Authorities

Integrated Assessments

This means assessments of what a person needs, done by health and social services employees as an official part of their job. The aim is that there is an up to date record of a person's needs that everyone who is helping that person and the person him/herself knows about and agrees with

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Joint Strategic Needs Assessment is a process that will identify the current and future health and wellbeing needs of a local population. This assessment is used to decide the priorities and targets contained in Local Area Agreements (LAAs).


Local Development Plans. In the context of this Framework, this is a way of describing the annual Business Plan for the local Primary Care Trust

Learning disabilities

Learning disability (sometimes called a learning disorder or learning difficulty), is a classification including several disorders in which a person has difficulty learning in a typical manner, usually caused by an unknown factor or factors. The unknown factor is the disorder that affects the brain's ability to receive and process information.


Local Enhanced Services relate to the optional commission of services based on local needs. These were originally introduced GP's a major opportunity to expand and develop Primary Care.

Local Involvement Networks, LINks are expected to be up and running in every locality in 2008. LINks are being introduced to help communities influence the care they receive. They are going to replace Patient Forums


Local Implementation Team, this is the mental health equivalent of the Partnership Board. The LIT is accountable for making sure the national service framework for Mental Health is implemented in a locality

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MH Autumn Assessment

This is an annual performance management and self assessment exercise which is carried out by each local area (and LIT), and then sent to the Strategic health Authority. It is a bit like the Learning Disabilities self assessment.


National Institute for Mental Health in England. This is the body that works with mental health services in the same way that Valuing People Support Team works with Learning Disability services. NIMHE's main aim is to improve the quality of life of people of all ages who experience mental distress.


National Service Framework

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P&V Sector

Private and Voluntary Sector


Patient Advice and Liaison Service provide information, advice and support to help patients, families and their parents. The NHS plan in 2000 required the establishment of such a service in every NHS Trust


Primary Care Trust. Primary Care Trusts buy and organise health services in local areas

Person Centred Plans

This is a plan about a person and what that person wants to do with his/her life. It is flexible, and puts no limits to the person's wants, needs and dreams in life. Making a plan brings together all of the people who are important to the person including family, friends, neighbours, support workers and other professionals - all to focus on that person


protection of Vulnerable Adults


Quality and Outcomes Framework. This is a voluntary annual reward and incentive scheme for all GP surgeries in England. Its aim is to resource - and then reward - good practice

Read Code

A code which allows clinicians to make best use of computer systems. Codes help to access information from patient records, in order to more easily audit and research information across a lot of people, and also help to cut down on repetitive tasks

ROCR Returns

The Review of Central Returns, this refers to the work of a team at the DH who are a central collection point for information coming into the DH e.g. relating to NHS targets. So, the Campus data is one of the areas of information they look after

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