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G-INFO Printed Reports

The UK Register of Civil Aircraft contains specific information on over 21,000 aircraft registered in the United Kingdom. The Aircraft Registration Section at the CAA administers the system and continuously updates information on registered aircraft that change registration details during the year.

Printed reports of extracts from the UK Register of Civil Aircraft and mailing lists (in the form of pre-printed adhesive labels) of current registered owners are also available on an ad hoc basis.   Fees for the provision of printed reports are based on the number of aircraft retrieved and the complexity of the enquiry, please contact the Aircraft Registration Section for details. 

A standard report is also available that details all the additions, deletions and changes that have occurred on the UK Register each calendar month, to order this report see forms and fees

Information is presented in a standard format giving technical and registered ownership details against all aircraft that match the initial selection criteria. Searches can be made on any combination of data held in the database, as such the selection criteria can be very flexible and can be tailored specifically to any personal or marketing requirements. A search could be made on a specific aircraft type, or a class of aircraft type, or a class of aircraft, or a combination search for example to retrieve aircraft built after 1975, with a maximum take-off weight of less than 5,700 kg and powered by piston engines.

The Register contains the following information for each aircraft registered in the UK:

Registration details:

  • registration marks
  • date of current registration
  • date of first registration of aircraft
  • previous identity of aircraft

Registered owner details:

  • full names and addresses
  • ownership status

Aircraft details:

  • aircraft type/manufacturer/serial no.
  • popular name
  • generic name
  • aircraft class
  • number of engines

Engine details:

  • engine type engine manufacturer
  • engine class

Airworthiness Information:

  • airworthiness certificate category
  • airworthiness certificate expiry

Further technical information:

  • maximum take off weight
  • total hours flown
  • year of construction
  • maximum number of passengers