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International Register of Civil Aircraft

The International Register of Civil Aircraft is published, in co-operation with ICAO, jointly by Bureau Veritas (France), the UK Civil Aviation Authority and the ENAC of Italy. The database, which contains information from over 45 countries and over 400,000 aircraft, is available on CD-ROM and is updated on a quarterly basis. This CD-ROM now also contains the US Register of Civil Aircraft.  To order the International Register on CD-ROM please see forms and fees

The International Register is now also available on the internet at A demo version of the database is available at this site, as are full details of the subscription rates which are based on the length of time access is required and the number of users.

The information on each aircraft varies depending on information supplied by the country of registration.  Standardised descriptions of aircraft allows for consistent searching across the database irrespective of how the individual aircraft is described on a given national register.

There are two CD-ROM versions of the database, which are published on a quarterly basis. They are the Extensive and Basic versions. Information can be retrieved by making searches on individual fields such as registration mark, aircraft type or serial number, and users are able to make use of sophisticated filter options for more precise and defined searches.

The Extensive version of the CD-ROM allows the user to download data into other applications such as word processors, spreadsheets or other databases. This allows the user to produce their own customised reports, mail-outs and survey information.