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Air Traffic Standards invites comments on proposals that may have an impact on the provision of Air Traffic Services or on the organisations that provide those services.

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Receiving Notification of Air Traffic Standards Consultations

All current consultations being undertaken by the CAA (including those being undertaken by Air Traffic Standards) can be found on the CAA Consultations page. There are a number of ways to receive notification of current consultations:

  • E-mail newsletters  You can subscribe to receive the CAA's e-mail newsletters through the CAA's Publication Subscription service, and choosing 'CAA Consultations'.

  • RSS Newsfeeds  The CAA has a number of RSS Newsfeeds through which consultations are notified. You can subscribe either through the CAA Consultations newsfeed or Air Traffic Standards newsfeed.

  • Contact Air Traffic Standards  Air Traffic Standards maintain a mailing list of individuals who are interested in receiving notification of Air Traffic Standards consultations. You can contact us directly at