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The CAA website is under review to improve the delivery of the content to the users.

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CAA Website Design Review

The CAA is developing ideas on how improvements can be made to the website design and layout with the objective of making the content easier to find and navigate for the user.

We have reached a stage in the work where we wish to present these ideas to our wider website user community to get your feedback on the principle changes that we are working on.  The main changes being:

  • Subject based navigation  - replacing the CAA organisational based navigation.
  • Profession specific home pages - Pilots, engineers, air traffic controllers etc.
  • Four primary landing pages - CAA Home, Passengers and Public, Industry, You and Your Licence

These changes will provide us with the ability to develop pages which are targeted to the specific user communities that use the CAA website.  When fully developed the changes will be reflected throughout the site and be visible in the Search Engine and the CAA Publications section.

The feedback that we require is specific to the changes that we are proposing.  To capture this feedback we have provided more than one method for you to submit your comments.

Subject Based Navigation

We have created a short survey that will show you how information will be organised on the website.  You will be asked a number of practical questions and then presented with a website navigation structure  to locate the information.  There are NO wrong answers, we are testing the navigation and names of the links to see if they represent terms which are understandable for our website users.  During the exercise you are able to leave feedback and comments, please let us know what does and doesn't work for you.

The test should take you no longer than a few minutes to complete and will open in a new window.   To provide the context of how the navigation will be surfaced within the website you may wish to take a look at the screen designs shown below.  
Start the Subject Based Navigation Review.

Profession Specific Pages

From a number of interviews with industry professionals we have defined several profession pages.  To test these pages and the initial page content we have developed a short survey which will give you the opportunity to help us to develop the pages.

The survey should take you no longer than a few minutes to complete and will open in a new window.
Start the Profession Specific Survey.

New Landing Pages 

These represent development ideas and will not be the final screens. (Please note that each thumbnail image will open a full size page in a new window)

About the CAAPassengers and PublicIndustryYou and your Licence

About the CAA 

Passengers and PublicIndustry  You and Your Licence

If you have any feedback on the concept of the new landing pages, please provide your feedback via email, clearly referencing the page you are commenting on to: