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There are two levels of Air Traffic Service provided in the UK, Air Traffic Control service (ATC) and Flight Information Service (FIS). These pages provide information on how to obtain a licence to be able to provide either of these services.

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Before providing either an ATC service or Flight Information Service, a person must be appropriately qualified and licensed. In order to provide an ATC Service, a person must hold an Air Traffic Controller’s Licence that includes a rating appropriate to the task. In order to provide a FIS at an aerodrome, a person must hold a Flight Information Service Officer’s Licence.


Air Traffic Controller Licensing

These pages contain information regarding ATCO Licensing.

Flight Information Service Officer Licensing

These pages contain information regarding FISO Licensing.


Further information on the requirements for providing an ATC Service or Flight Information Service can be found on the ATS Requirements Overview pages.

The CAA does not regulate the recruitment of Air Traffic Controllers (ATCOs). If you are considering a career in Air Traffic Control (ATC) you are advised to contact the organisation that provides ATC at your local airport, who should be able to put you in contact with the appropriate organisations. Further information on gaining an ATCO licence can be found in CAP 788 Air Traffic Controller Licensing – A Guide to the Licensing Process.

The CAA’s charges in respect of ATS Licensing are available in Official Record Series 5 CAA Scheme of Charges (No 251).

For further information regarding the Licensing of ATCOs and FISOs, please contact the ATS Licensing Section on +44 (0) 1293 573700 or e-mail