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We all have an impact on the environment around us. What impact does aviation have, and what is being done to reduce it?

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The aviation industry is committed to limiting its effect on the environment.

When flying aircraft, there are three key factors relating to the amount of fuel used, and the emissions produced by the aircraft:

  • the design of the airframe (the fuselage, the wings and the tail)
  • the design of the engines
  • the operation of the aircraft

As with car design, improvements in airframe and engine design have improved fuel efficiency and reduced noise, and new aircraft are typically more efficient than older aircraft.

In its travel section, the UK Government advises on the impact of air travel, and how you can offset your climate change impact.

Organisations including the "International Civil Aviation Organization" (ICAO) and the "Advisory Council for Aeronautics Research in Europe" (ACARE) advise on targets and standards relating to environmental impact and are co-ordinating international research projects to limit aviations impact on the environment.

The CAA's Environmental Research and Consultancy Department advises on the latest research and requirements for compliance with regulatory guidelines. Further emissions information is available from them.