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How to Join LowCVP

If your organisation has a stake in the UK's move to low carbon vehicles and fuels and agrees with the Partnership's membership principles and commitments (as below), it can become a member of the Low Carbon Vehicle Partnership. 

LowCVP Online Application Form

LowCVP members benefit from:

  • The chance to demonstrate leadership in the battle against climate change
  •  Taking forward concerns and ideas to a wider, more influential group
  • Access to government and EU officials through working group meetings and other communications
  • Influence in the direction of low carbon policy, programmes and regulations
  • Privileged access to the LowCVP’s wide range of information sources and to the website ‘members area’
  • Significant networking opportunities with leading motor, fuels and environment organisations as well as government
  • Discounted access to a wide range of conferences, seminars and other events
  • Privileged access to the LowCVP’s member database
  • The ability to advertise relevant jobs and events, opinions or other activities to a wide audience at no cost

The activities of the Partnership are governed through Memorandum and Articles of Association.

All members are required to accept LowCVP’s membership principles and commitments; make a membership contribution and agree to the memorandum & articles of association.

To apply for membership (both former and new members), click on the link below to access the online application form and submit your expression of interest to the LowCVP Secretariat. Some members may be able to make an in-kind contribution.

Membership Fees (as at 1 April 2011)

Large Companies >£50M £2750
Medium companies >£1.5M <£50M £550
Small companies <£1.5M £137.50
Public sector & academic £137.50
Not-for-profit £55

Membership Principles

  • Climate change is an urgent problem requiring greenhouse gas emissions to be substantially reduced locally and globally within a timescale that limits the risk of serious impacts.
  • Road transport is an important source of greenhouse gas emissions and must make a significant contribution to reducing its emissions through a combination of improved vehicle technology, use of alternative fuels and responsible vehicle use.
  • Government, industry and other stakeholders share responsibility for accelerating the supply of, and demand for, low carbon vehicles and fuels.
  • The UK should seek to provide leadership to the international community by demonstrating how to achieve a sustainable pathway to a low carbon future and thereby stimulate opportunities for UK-based businesses.
  • Working through a multi-stakeholder partnership is an effective means of accelerating the passage to a low carbon future.

Membership Commitments:

  • Through their activities encourage the supply of, or demand for, lower carbon automotive technologies, vehicles or fuels.
  • Collaborate constructively with other LowCVP members to develop the market for low carbon vehicles or fuels.
  • Support relevant Partnership activities by providing funding, staff, resources or other appropriate assistance commensurate with the size of their organisation.
  • Inspire, innovate and lead the development of the market for low carbon automotive solutions by sharing learning and experience when appropriate.
  • Promote their participation in LowCVP and actively support its mission and aims through appropriate channels.

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