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The Air Traffic Standards Division (ATSD) oversees the safe provision of civil Air Traffic Services (ATS) in the UK. This is achieved through the certification, licensing and approval of various elements including organisations, personnel, equipment and safety procedures involved in the provision of a safe air traffic service. The Division interprets and implements international regulations and standards applicable to the provision of ATS, including ICAO Standards and Recommended Practices (SARPs) and European Commission legislation. The Division also works closely with the Aerodrome Standards Department and UK airfields to facilitate the development of effective Safety Management Systems within ATS and aerodrome environments.

ATSD also deals with the investigation, reporting and initiation of follow-up action in respect of the civil ATS aspects of aviation accidents and incidents, providing civil ATS advisors to other investigative authorities and the UK Airprox Board (UKAB), and liaising with the equivalent military organisation as necessary. ATSD also reviews and comments on Air Accidents Investigation Branch (AAIB) and National Transportation Safety Board Recommendations.

In conjunction with other European and International groups, ATSD is moving to establish a safety regulatory framework to ensure that the future deployment of global ATS technologies such as GPS, ADS, ATN and data-link, progress safely. Additionally, the Division is sponsoring or is involved with research projects and other studies reviewing the safety of emerging strategies to cope with the increase in traffic levels.

An overview of the requirements applicable to each service (such as ATC, FIS, CNS/ATM etc.) is available on the ATS Requirements Overview web pages. These pages provide a convenient reference point for service providers and operators of aeronautical radio stations in respect of the major regulatory requirements and associated regulatory documents pertaining to their operations. A full list of ATS Regulatory requirements and guidance documents can be found in the CAA Publications area.

Airspace and Safety Initiative (ASI)

ATSD is playing a significant role in the ASI, a joint CAA, NATS, AOA, GA and MoD initiative to investigate and tackle the major safety risks in UK airspace. More information can be found on the ASI website.

Single European Sky

In partnership with other CAA departments, ATSD is playing an important role in influencing the development of legislation under the European Union's Single European Sky initiative. More Information can be found on the CAA’s Single European Sky web pages.