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It's everywhere. But if you’ve installed cameras on your premises, what obligations do you have and what rights do the people you capture on film have?

Data sharing - code of practice

The data sharing code of practice is a statutory code which has been issued after being approved by the Secretary of State and laid before Parliament. The code explains how the Data Protection Act applies to the sharing of personal data.


If you're an employer, you’ll hold a variety of personal information about your employees. Keep that data safe and make sure you don't fall foul of law.

Personal information online - code of practice

The code explains how the Data Protection Act applies to the collection and use of personal data online, and provides good practice advice for organisations.

Personal information promise

The ICO urges heads of organisations and government departments to sign up to the Personal Information Promise, to demonstrate their organisation’s senior level commitment to data protection.

Privacy by design

Privacy by Design is an approach whereby privacy and data protection compliance is designed into systems holding information right from the start of the development process.

Privacy impact assessment (PIA)

Planning a new project? Have you considered the privacy implications? Our handbook can help you.

Privacy notices

We have issued a range of guidance for organisations on how to draft clear and genuinely informative privacy notices for people.

Telecommunications directory information

This code of practice details the Information Commissioner’s views about how telecommunications directory information about individuals can be processed fairly.