How we work

How we work

Find out about our work with the Ministry of Justice and other bodies and how we aim to provide an accessible, quality service.


Relationship with the Ministry of Justice

The ICO is an independent public body and the Ministry of Justice is the ICO’s sponsoring department within government.

Working with the Welsh language

Find out how we will provide Welsh language services to the public in Wales.

Other languages

We provide information in French and Spanish that we consider to be particularly relevant to an international audience and more extensive information in Welsh.

Equality and diversity

Read about our commitment to equality and diversity and details of our Single Equality Scheme.

Service standards

Our service standards explain the level of service we aim to offer our customers.

Working with other bodies

View formal documents which define the relationship between the ICO and various departments and agencies.

Other useful items

  • News and events

    Find out the latest news on data protection and freedom of information.

  • What we cover

    Find out more about our responsibilities and obligations under the legislation we cover.