"To improve aviation safety by determining the causes of air accidents and serious incidents and making safety recommendations intended to prevent recurrence."

Chief Inspector

In carrying out our purpose we will strive to:

  • respond quickly to air accidents and serious incidents and lead and manage the accident investigation team while ensuring their safety at the accident location.
  • conduct thorough, independent, impartial and timely investigations into air accidents and serious incidents.
  • produce clearly written, thorough and concise reports with well-founded analysis and conclusions, that explain the circumstances and causes of accidents and serious incidents, without attributing blame.
  • ensure compliance with ICAO Annex 13 and UK statutory obligations for the investigation of air accidents.
  • provide assistance and expertise to the international air accident community to improve aviation safety globally.
  • improve aviation safety in general by education and promulgating the lessons learnt from accident investigations.
  • treat the survivors and the relatives of victims of air accidents sympathetically and help them to understand ‘what happened’ and what is being done to prevent similar accidents in the future.
  • maintain and develop excellence in our people and provide a fulfilling environment in which to work.