STFC preparations for Spending Review

The government announced on 20 December 2010 the funding allocations for the seven Research Councils including STFC for the period 2011-15. The allocations reflected the Government's decision to impose major reductions in government spending over the next four years to contribute to rebalancing public finances, and followed an extensive process of consultation over many months between the Research Councils and Government, and between STFC and our science advisory committees, Science Board, university physics and astronomy professors, staff and international partners.

STFC and the other Research Councils put forward clear plans for the future to ensure the UK retains its leading role in as many areas of science as possible. Our allocation is welcome recognition by Government of the significant benefits we deliver to the UK.

Consultations are ongoing with our communities and partners in the development of a comprehensive operating plan. This page provides links to the allocation, information provided to communities and staff, and notices of upcoming meetings.

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