Scientific Computing and Computation

Simulation of the collision of the Milky Way and Andromeda
(Credit: Leicester)

STFC provides world-class expertise and support for scientific computing and computational science to both academia and industry. The Council's efficient services enable predictions from complex theories to be calculated from first principles and be compared directly with experimental data, often requiring the analysis of millions of megabytes of data. In this section you will find details of our current facilities and projects.

Advice on scientific computing and computation strategy

This is provided to STFC by the Computing Advisory Panel (CAP)

Research and support for computational science

Access for STFC researchers to high performance computing

  • DiRAC (DiStributed Research utilising Advanced Computing)
  • HECToR - UK National Supercomputing Service

Computing and data management services

Computing and data management services to support scientists throughout the research lifecycle are provided by e-Science. STFC, in partnership with the other Research Councils, funded a coordinated initiative in e-Science from 2001 to 2006, coordinated by RCUK which underwent an International Review in 2009. Current research and support for STFC researchers in e-science are provided by:

Scientific data

In addition to the services provided by STFC e-Science, data is also provided by STFC to researchers:

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