Fellowship opportunities in Astronomy, Solar and Planetary Science, Particle Physics, Particle Astrophysics and Nuclear Physics

Ernest Rutherford Fellowships

The Ernest Rutherford Fellowship scheme was announced on 29 March 2011. The Fellowships will enable early career researchers with clear leadership potential to establish a strong, independent research programme. They will encourage talented researchers in UK universities to remain in the country and at the same time attract outstanding overseas researchers to the UK. This new scheme replaces and builds on STFC's Adavnced Fellowship programme.

Each Fellowship will last for five years, with 12 being offered annually. Fellows will receive support for their salary and be able to bid for significant additional funds to support their research. When the scheme reaches its full cohort of 60 Ernest Rutherford Fellows in 2016, the funds available for this additional research support will total £3M per year.

Full scheme details will be published later in the year.

Contact the Fellowships Team for further information.

Return to Research Bursary

STFC operates a Return to Research Bursary scheme for those seeking to resume an academic research career after a break. Up to six bursaries a year are available to support the development of a proposal suitable for submission to the STFC Fellowship scheme.

Advanced Fellowships

The final cohort of this highly successful scheme was selected in the 2010/11 round.

Postdoctoral Fellowships

The Postdoctoral Fellowship scheme has not made new awards since the 2009/10 round.

Senior Research Fellowships

STFC no longer operates a Senior Research Fellowships scheme for permanent academics. Rules and regulations governing existing Senior Research Fellowship awards are available upon request from STFC.

Independent reviewers

STFC will be using electronic peer review for fellowship applications. Please read our Frequently Asked Questions (PDF - 49kB - link opens in a new window) for guidance using Je-S Peer Review.

If you have been asked to write an independent review for an STFC Fellowship, please read our guidance notes (PDF - 24kB - link opens in a new window) and follow the link through Je-S to complete the review form.

Other Fellowship schemes

In addition to the Ernest Rutherford Fellowships, there are a number of other Fellowship schemes supported by STFC.

Archived information

An analysis of Postdoctoral (Word document - 537kB - link opens in a new window) and Advanced (Word document - 495kB - link opens in a new window) Fellowship applications received and awarded by PPARC between 1998/99 and 2002/03, showing the division between broad scientific research areas.

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