Our Mission

Our mission is set out in the Royal Charter granted to us by HM Queen Elizabeth II

We are required to:

  • promote and support high-quality scientific and engineering research by developing and providing, by any means, facilities and technical expertise in support of basic strategic and applied research programmes funded by persons established in the United Kingdom and elsewhere.
  • promote and support, by any means, high-quality basic, strategic and applied research and related post-graduate training in astronomy, particle physics, space science and nuclear physics and research in any other field which makes use of scientific facilities where access is provided, arranged or otherwise made available by the Council, having regard to the objects of the other research councils.
  • promote and support the advancement of knowledge and technology (including the promotion and support of the exploitation of research outcomes) and to provide trained scientists and engineers, and thereby to contribute to the economic competitiveness of the United Kingdom and the quality of life of its people, meeting the needs of users and beneficiaries.

We are also charged to:

  • generate public awareness;
  • communicate research outcomes;
  • encourage public engagement and dialogue;
  • disseminate knowledge; and
  • provide advice.

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