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Primary framework for literacy: learning objectives

Selecting a hyperlinked objective from the table below will take you to the Steps In Learning resources, which break down the objective into three steps to support within year progression. These are also supported by classroom examples of effective practice.

Foundation StageYear 1

7 Understanding and interpreting texts 

 Know that print carries meaning and, in English, is read from left to right and top to bottom Identify the main events and characters in stories, and find specific information in simple texts
 Extend their vocabulary, exploring the meaning and sounds of new words Use syntax and context when reading for meaning
 Show an understanding of the elements of stories, such as main character, sequence of events, and openings, and how information can be found in non-fiction texts to answer questions about where, who, why and how Make predictions showing an understanding of ideas, events and characters
 Retell narratives in the correct sequence, drawing on the language patterns of stories Recognise the main elements that shape different texts
  Explore the effect of patterns of language and repeated words and phrases