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Year 4, 5 and 6 Narrative: Mixed-age planning – Older literature

This unit is based on the Year 5 Narrative unit 4 (older literature) incorporating objectives from Year 4 and 6 to support mixed-age groups. All children will work towards writing their own additional chapter or event. Extension for the more able includes the use of complex sentences and greater clarity through more precise use of punctuation.

Progression in Years 4, 5 and 6

In reading, children will be able to deduce reasons for actions and infer what is implied, moving towards understanding themes, causes and points of view.

Opportunities for the use of drama strategies, including role-play, will enable children to create roles, reflect in role and improvise narrative content.

In writing, children will develop and refine ideas using planning strategies, use appropriate sentence structure and punctuation according to their ability, engage and entertain the reader and be able to reflect independently and critically on their own writing. Children will be able to use non-narrative texts to support their narrative writing.

Phase 1

Read older or classic texts including TV programmes and films. Compare them with contemporary texts on the same theme. Investigate formal and informal language, empathise with characters and predict events.

Phase 2

Use a range of drama strategies to build up ideas for a new chapter or event for an older or classic text. Use information from non-fiction texts for accuracy of context.

Phase 3

Plan and write a new chapter or event for an older or classic text using formal or informal language. Vary the length and complexity of sentences to achieve different effects.