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Year 5 Non-fiction Unit 2 – Recount

Recount (4–5 weeks)

This unit is the second in a block of three non-fiction units in Year 5. It can be purposely linked to other areas of the curriculum. For further examples of links to other areas of the curriculum, see the resources section. The unit has four phases, with oral or written outcomes and assessment opportunities at regular intervals.

Phase 1

Children revisit the key features of recount texts. They watch a TV interview, then through a hot seating activity they devise questions and evaluate how effective these have been at extracting relevant information.

Phase 2

Children analyse recounts drawn from a range of media and identify common features and differences. They summarise and present their findings and revise the use of reported speech.

Phases 3 and 4

Children form news teams and research a topic to report. They produce a plan, carry out interviews, collate and analyse the information they have gathered and then write an article or report.

1998 Framework objectives covered:

Year 5 term 1 T23, T26 & T27make notes for different purposes such as noting key points as a record of what has been read, listing cues for a talk, and building on these notes in their own writing or speaking; use simple abbreviations in note-making;

T21 & T24 identify the features of recounted texts such as sports reports, diaries, police reports, including introduction to set the scene, chronological sequence, supporting illustrations, degree of formality adopted, use of connectives; write recounts based on subject, topic or personal experiences for (a) a close friend and (b) an unknown reader.

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