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Steve FieldThis is the first of a number of posts to provide updates on the progress of the NHS listening exercise and the NHS Future Forum. Over the last couple of weeks I’ve attended listening events around England and I’m blogging now to tell you about some of what we’ve been hearing.

It all kicked off on 6 April at Frimley Park Hospital when Prime Minister David Cameron, Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg, and Health Secretary Andrew Lansley launched the Government’s listening exercise on NHS modernisation.

Since then, we have been busy attending listening events and establishing the NHS Future Forum, drawing together a team of 44 individuals representing doctors, nurses, AHPs, managers, patient representatives and other important stakeholders.

The NHS Future Forum met for the first time on 20 April. In a constructive session, members began to share their views and discuss what they have heard through their networks. This feedback helped us to shape how the forum will work, with members being assigned to one of the four workstreams, led by:

  • Choice and Competition – Sir Stephen Bubb
  • Clinical Advice and Leadership – Dr Kathy McLean
  • Education and Training – Julie Moore
  • Patient and Public Involvement – Geoff Alltimes

All of the Forum members have been asked to drive the process of engagement with staff, patients and communities over the coming weeks around the country and within their networks.

This independent exercise is an opportunity for the forum to listen to the concerns of the public and the service, and to make recommendations to the Government to help produce an improved NHS for the future.

We all understand the importance of getting this right so we can ensure a strong NHS for the future, an NHS that can respond to the pressures of an ageing population and the rising costs of healthcare here and around the world.

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7 Responses to Steve Field: Setting the scene

  1. Trevor Cheeseman says:

    Prof Field,

    A simple question: are there going to be any Future Forum meetings open to the public (not just handpicked NHS staff)?

    If so, when will such meeting details be published on this website?

    thank you so much

  2. Francesco Palma says:

    The NHS Future Forum has had the past couple of weeks to read all the comments on this forum website about concerns from public, patients and carers about the lack of patient representation and requests for dates,venues and times in their area to be able to attend a ‘listening event’ Yet not one of the 4 ‘leads’ has responed to the concerns that have been posted here.
    Seems to me that the NHS Future Forum are not listening.

  3. Heather Kinsella says:

    I am a GP involved in PBC in a minor way. It has neant I have been at a meeting with secondary care re frail elderly pathways, which I don’t think would previously have happened. I am in favour of the reforms but feel secondarycare and social services need to be more involved, and suspect that will happen. My chief concern is TIME. GPs are snowed under with clinical work. This is made much worse by DoH and the media continually advising the public to go to their GP, mostly unneccessarily. (We are one of the few fixed cost, not volume services).
    I think the DoH needs to run a public awareness campaign about responsible use of General Practice, otherwise there will simply not be the “manpower” to do this important commisioning work.

  4. Francesco Palma says:

    This NHS Future forum lacks honesty.
    By way of information on listening events in the South West:
    there is one planned for Thursday 26th May in Exeter between 11.00am to 13.00 (no lunch) Please go to for further information. This information has not come directly from the NHS Future Forum, seems that patient/public and carers will have little opportunity to be involved at this rate.

  5. Peter Brindle says:

    By fitting the comments and listening to four areas, you are limiting the discussion before is has begun. For example my big concern is that there is little or know mention around the place of research and service evaluation in the New NHS. This does not fit any of your areas as it spans all of them.
    The research and evaluation roles of PCTs need to be developed and owned by appropriate successor bodies, and the opportunity of using contracting to ensure providers facilitate research and appropriately evaluate their services according to outcomes determined by commissions must not be missed.

    I have sent an email with some more detail on this subject attached.

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