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DECC produces statistics on climate change, energy, fuel poverty, coal health and the fuel mix disclosure table.

You can also find information on energy and emissions projections, the work of the Inter-departmental Analysts Group (IAG) and the governance of DECC's statistical work

Statistics are available on the following areas:

  • Climate change statistics cover: UK greenhouse gas emissions and the impacts of climate change in the UK
  • Energy statistics cover: production, transformation from one type of energy into another (e.g. coal used for electricity generation), consumption (both national and sub-national), efficiency (home insulation), stocks, foreign trade and prices.
  • As well as spreadsheets containing the data presented as tables in these publications, the full range of DECC's statistical energy publications are also available in pdf format. Energy statistics are also available in the form of indicators, and sub-national energy statistics down to local authority level are also available for nearly all forms of energy.

Vacancies for university students completing a UK undergraduate degree with placement year: August 2011- July 2012

The Energy Statistics Team in DECC is responsible for providing information and statistics on energy as well as taking the lead within the Department on social, environmental and consumer issues concerning energy. They produce and publish energy statistics, and help government, business and international organisations to obtain the information they need. They are also responsible for co-ordinating Departmental policy on energy efficiency, requests for briefing, responding to parliamentary questions and public correspondence about and requests for energy information.

DECC are looking to recruit four students during 2011/2012 who will have completed the first 2 years of their UK undergraduate degree when they begin their placement year. If you meet this criteria (full details outlined in the job advert) and are interested in working for the Department, please complete the application form and send it to Tamer Onder at Department of Energy and Climate Change, Area 6B, Energy Statistics Team, 3 Whitehall Place, London, SW1A 2AW or alternatively submit it by email to by Monday 16th May 2011.

User views

UK Energy Sector Indicators, Energy Statistics, Emissions Statistics, and Fuel Poverty have all recently been reviewed by the UK Statistics Authority – a copy of their reports are available on the UK Statistics Authority: Assessment reports web page.

In response to recent assessment reports by the UK Statistics Authority the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) undertook a survey in 2010 to improve further our knowledge of users of our data, the needs of those users, and how DECC can going forward work with users to develop the suite of statistics that we produce. An analysis of the survey responses is now available.

If you have any views on DECC's statistics please submit your comments to DECC Energy Statistics and we will respond.

Methodology notes

Methodology notes detailing the surveys, data processes and data quality measures used in producing DECC's official statistics are being developed and published on the respective statistics by energy source webpages. DECC would welcome users comments on the usefulness of these notes and any additions that they would consider beneficial, please submit comments to DECC Energy Statistics

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