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What we do

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What we do

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The Department of Energy and Climate Change is responsible for all aspects of UK energy policy, and for tackling global climate change on behalf of the UK. 


Global climate change and energy

DECC is working internationally to tackle the global challenge of climate change. As the UK imports more energy, we also want to ensure our supplies are secure, reliable and from a wide range of sources.

In the Global climate change and energy section, you can read about the facts of global climate change and how we are tackling it, including our international strategy for dealing with the challenge.

You can also read about the international challenges inherent in energy policy, and how DECC is working to address them within Europe and beyond.

UK energy supply

To achieve secure, affordable and low-carbon energy in the years and decades ahead, the UK needs an energy mix that is diverse, both in terms of technologies and geographical sources of imported fuels, within a market framework that offers competitive prices.

You can read in more detail, about the UK's energy supply including a massive expansion of renewables, new nuclear power stations and pioneering Carbon Capture and Storage technology to clean up the fossil fuels we use in the future.

Supporting consumers

We want to help you save money and save the environment by improving energy efficiency and addressing fuel poverty. These pages explain how DECC is leading the campaign to help all households save energy, money and CO2.

You will also find information in this section relating to coal health claims.

A low-carbon UK

A key role at DECC is to help the UK move to a low-carbon economy. To this end, we are encouraging businesses to embrace the many opportunities this brings, and setting regulations and providing incentives to stimulate the introduction of low-carbon technologies.

The Low Carbon UK pages provide information on market instruments, carbon offsetting, valuation and neutrality, as well as details about the CRC Energy Efficiency scheme.

For further information on DECC's goals, read our Departmental Business Plan, which sets out a vision for the work of the Department and aims to provide greater transparency about our performance.



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