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Last updated at 12:08 (UK time) 25 May 2010


The UK has outstanding, and often world class, academic institutions providing teaching and research on international relations, area studies, and foreign languages.

Academic thinking and research on international issues sets much of the agenda of the intellectual debate in this country and beyond, and the FCO benefits greatly from its exchanges with the academic world, both in terms of broadening its knowledge and understanding of international issues, and in the discussion of policy related issues.

These institutions are also an important source of recruits to the FCO.

We have formal links with a number of academic institutions, and individual members of our staff have direct personal involvement with the academic world as advisers or fellows to various academic bodies. We share our perceptions and thinking through direct personal contact and through regular participation in academic seminars and workshops. Published academic research is an important componant of the evidence base for the development of an effective foreign policy.

Working either with the funding councils or more directly we commission research and arrange short term research attachments of academics to the FCO.